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27-Feb-2018 00:24

Related to this is the woman who is socially embarrassing to the man-great in bed, but awful to be seen around in public.

She does not suit the man's social status and at some point must be dumped.

On the other hand, it might be the woman who finds that the man is not what she had thought. Unless he’s a masochist, sooner or later the man will dump such a woman.

He is not so noble, his future prospects not so great, on and on. Lost girlish spirit: Men's attraction to younger women is not completely physical. Girls can be silly, adventurous, devilishly feminine, less restrained in general.

In this instance, the man will rarely be honest with himself.

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Some of these reasons are purely hormonal, perhaps genetic.

We may not want to hear it, but here, our writer offers a tantalising glimpse into the male psyche.

Here, we reveal the top ten reasons why men dump women.

This spirit is contagious and refreshing to men who must be so rational and boring in their daily lives.

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An older woman does not have to remain a girl, but some spark of that spirit must remain.

Last, but certainly not least, he will go into passive, sleep mode, withdrawing from the relationship, giving less and less of himself, until something bad happens. Stretched out over several weeks, sometimes years, passive resistance is the dumping strategy of choice for many men.