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Organisation's collecting personal information have had little impetus to consider the best privacy protection solutions and people have not done anything drastic to initiate such action (Loss of privacy is price one pays to live in online world, 2011)....[tags: Personal Information, Privacy Law] - It is not easy to define privacy because the word's meaning may differ from one person to another.Important Points: · Background of Facebook · Privacy Problems with Facebook · Possible Security and Privacy Solutions · Summary · Works Cited Background of Facebook Facebook allows people to connect with friends across the seas with different cultures.Originally, Facebook was started in 2003 by a man named Mark Zuckerburg in his college dorm room at Harvard University....[tags: privacy, security cameras, safety] - Employee Privacy Report 1 In this report, I will be addressing e-mail, Internet use, and privacy policies in my workplace; the current laws regulating employee e-mail and Internet privacy; the reasons to companies carry out e-mail and Internet use policies; the assumptions employees make about their privacy at work; and how these policies affect employee privacy at work.E-Mail and Internet Use , Privacy Policies The E-mail/Internet usage and privacy policies at my job are part of a system of written decisions established by the organization to support and to build a desire culture through managing risk, regulation, and administration....With all of these false accusations it is simple to see why people would be supportive of our right to privacy.

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(Pew Research Center) Many people still believe that the government has no business in our lives, yet many people including our government invade our digital privacy....However this is wrong because the government has several reasons to spy on us Americans.