Misadventures in dating

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The chemistry between Sheryman Helmsley and Isabel Sandford was absolutely magical to me.Roxie Roker's character was one of my favourte characters of all time because at the time an interracial couple on TV was unheard of.The show, I think, had limitless possibilities for it's time and if it hadn't fallen prey to cancellation at the last possible second syndrome I think it might just have lasted a bit longer than it did.Dreamwalk are super slim insoles that slide into your "meanie" heels and flats and make them feel as fab as they look.- your one-stop shop for perspectives, rants, musings and...yeah, probably shopping.

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Maybe we could have seen Lionel and Jenny have kids and grow old gracefully together?

See full summary » This series took place in an apartment building, numbered 227.

The cast would frequently be found sitting outside on a large set of stone stairs, in some discussion that would unfold into the weekly plot line.

A greasy-spoon diner in Phoenix, Arizona is the setting for this long-running series.

The title character, Alice Hyatt, is an aspiring singer who arrives in Phoenix with her teenaged son, ...So thank you very much for the constant support and feedback.